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Security and Access

At the heart of your home, we're dedicated to ensuring that every component functions harmoniously, creating a unified smart home automation experience that simplifies your life. While intercoms, CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, and gate access systems can operate independently, the true power lies in their integration within a smart home framework. This synergy achieves an unparalleled level of home security and monitoring. With the ability to activate notifications, entire home settings, and more, we offer an around-the-clock service that delivers the highest level of protection for your peace of mind.

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Home Automation

Smart home automation, where everything - lights, audio, windows, garage, security systems, and gates - all work together to make your life better. This means more comfort, plus added convenience and easy access. And the best part? You can control it all through your phone, whether you're at home or out and about. It's like having a smarter, simpler life in the palm of your hand.


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Smart thermostat installations

At Georgios, we're more than just boiler and electrical experts. We specialize in smart thermostat installations that not only improve comfort but also save you money by optimizing energy use. What's unique about us is that we include smart thermostat setups as part of our services, providing a seamless and efficient solution. Based in Leigh-on-Sea, we proudly serve the broader Essex area, bringing modern energy-saving technology to your doorstep. Choose Georgios for all your heating, electrical, and smart technology needs, and experience enhanced comfort and savings.

Contact Georgio's to explore the endless possibilities of smart home electrical solutions. Our team of experts is eager to guide you through the process, from initial consultation to seamless installation, ensuring you enjoy the full benefits of a modern, connected, and intelligent home

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