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Plug socket repair & installation service

When it comes to plug socket repairs and replacements, our expert electricians have you covered. Whether your plug sockets are malfunctioning, damaged, or simply outdated, we provide swift and efficient solutions to restore functionality and enhance safety. We specialize in diagnosing issues, performing necessary repairs, and seamlessly replacing worn-out sockets with modern, reliable alternatives. Don't let faulty plug sockets disrupt your daily life – reach out to us for dependable repair and replacement services.

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 The Process of new socket installation

Planning the Placement: New sockets can replace old ones in the same spot or be positioned in new/additional locations as needed.

Power Shutdown: Prior to starting the work, the power supply to the installation area must be turned off for safety. This is usually done at the fuse box or circuit breaker.

Preparing the Surface: For new installations, a hole might be necessary in the wall to accommodate the new socket. A wire may also need to be routed from the power source to the new socket location. Wiring the Socket: Our electrician will connect the wires to the new socket, which include a live wire (brown), a neutral wire (blue), and an earth wire (green/yellow).

Socket Fixation: Once the wires are connected, the socket is securely attached to the wall. Our electrician will ensure all screws are tightened and the socket is level.

Testing: With power restored, the socket undergoes thorough testing to confirm proper wiring and safety for use.

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Dangerous Sockets

Got a plug socket acting up or showing signs of damage? You're in the right spot. We're here to step in and prevent any potential sparks from igniting trouble in your home.

Cracks in Plug Sockets Cracks in plug sockets can stem from wear and tear or external damage. Sometimes, heat from a fault at the socket's rear can lead to cracks on its front. Beyond the visual issue, these cracks might expose wires, posing fire risks due to accumulated dust. If you spot a crack, it's a smart move to reach out to us pronto for a repair or replacement.

Heat Scorch Marks Excessive heat, often due to overloading, shoddy wiring, or dust buildup, can leave behind dark brown or black scorch marks around the socket or plug. If you see these marks, be sure to turn off the plug and unplug any appliances. Keep it off until one of our electricians checks it out thoroughly.

Intermittent Electrical Shutdowns Is your plugged-in appliance playing the on-off game? First, try switching to a different socket to confirm the issue. If the appliance behaves, it's pointing fingers at the socket. Loose connections or faulty wiring might be the culprits. Let us take a look and sort it out for you.

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