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Do I Need A New Fuseboard

If you happen to own a home, you're likely familiar with the occasional need for maintenance. Plumbing systems wear down, air conditioners decide to go on strike, and furnaces wave goodbye after 15 to 20 years of service. In this line of replacements, the electrical panel, often referred to as a circuit breaker, follows a similar path. But here's the question: How can you tell when it's the right moment to upgrade your breaker box? This is where certain signs and reasons come into play, guiding you towards that necessary upgrade.

Got an old electrical panel that's been hanging around for more than 20 years? Well, it might be time to think about trading it in. Here's why: Nowadays, homes are like tech havens with all the TVs, gadgets, and kitchen stuff. But sometimes, those older panels can't keep up with all the action. Let's break it down.

Back in the day, houses had fuse boxes – you know, those things that gave up when things got too hot. But now, we've got circuit breakers. If they're overwhelmed, they just switch off and you can switch 'em back on.

Ever notice your lights doing a flicker dance? It could mean they're struggling because your current panel can't keep the party going. And those appliances? They might not be bringing their A-game.

If your panel feels warm, smells burnt, or has scorch marks, it's like an old timer trying to hang with the young crowd. This could lead to some serious trouble – think fires. So, make a call to a trusted electrician pronto.

Resetting your circuit breaker more times than you say "okay"? That's like a sign that your panel's on overload. It's not a fan of your appliances either.

Now, let's talk about expanding your place. More space, more power needed. That's the right time to think about your circuit breaker. You might need a new electrical panel, a sub panel, or both.